Montag, 10. November 2014

End Of Reason.

Consciousness hasn't a shape, but is shaping all the time. For little and less little things. Thereby we search in a collective manner mostly for heuristics, rules-of-thumb which we collectively use. Thereby forms itself the problem that we don't have to do this rude manner of research from not any ontological proof. We are not insects who build our world out of rules. Yes, Western thought is based on reason. But are we so reasonable in our mental behavior and don't we use perception and sense way more than easier taken for granted?

If I put this aside and try to look further, I suppose this is true but at the same time very confusing. At first hand it brings me to all kind of corrected effects. Yes it is true that we avoid often cognitive decisions which are not totally taken away. When we lead a busy life they mostly bring a greater likelihood of conflict and unhappiness. This chain of thought doesn't seem to give much positive facts to hold on to.

Of course without mental frame there is not much to hold on to. Sometimes you can be inventive but not inventive enough to be really appropriate creative enough. There again, heuristics seem to play their role more than enough.

But let me rehearse the first maxime I would like to put into practice. Namely that sense information can give an other; but more specialized form of information; than reason. Into intimate relations we use often more things which are not rational. Maybe for certain people more than for others. I would say that people who have tendencies towards anxiety for abandonment would have certainly not a rational stance or certain realistic map from out statistical knowledge. The moral thing again like written before.

Positive feelings can lead to cheating experiences. Like monogamy in body language a myth is. Not that I agree with this. But I am certainly the kind who is when in love, in love pretty obsessively. Deep from the heart I am more the lover than the beloved. But this can get really confusing when I start to get overconfident. I don't know if this a general fact. But when supported by relations people get more influenced by the moral of their stories, feelings and goals. Will be less rational, and yes, from utilitarianism too selfish in a way because the instrument gets used as a goal, not only an instrument. The end of reason.

I wonder which process I could use to put effort in this thought. Manipulation, stereotyping, giving guilt to someone, avoiding, distancing, and blaming are all; for me now; manners of specialization. A way of forming the in-group or maybe better protecting the in-group. People start to be totally different when this is not the case and there is a makeover from ethics to moral. An irrational voting system is always put beforehand when problems can't be tackled in an ethical manner. The romanesque feature of free will and reason comes easy to mind. Because it strengthens us in our own not so foolish desire to belong and augment ourselves as sensitive human beings.

But much gives this not as useful tip for the future. There can be a change into condition into groups but also into given contexts. An in-group member or a group member which has something in common can be treated different over time (or immediately). I seems to be too complex to research and of course my problem is maybe too early which branch I should take. No open end please. I hope to succeed even if this seems to be all too irrational from the general identity view. For the world.

Even how: into this paradigm we don't search for the confirmation of mental maps but just their difference with life and the effects; but not with certain processes. This can be find out into literature. For sure it so that independence will always be a huge factor since this could be called having the core of having a psychology. Like stated earlier.

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