Sonntag, 30. November 2014

More Adaptive.

I've forgotten when the mind is more adaptive because it computes stimuli rather incomplete. I suppose it is the parallel model which is serial in kind. This in contrast with the computational model where the process is completed after some time. The fact that we strive towards equilibrium and in need of the environment would be a rationale. This would be typical human, the process of graceful degradation would be an example of this.

The core of perception would be generalization, the core of language abstraction. Both represent their step into equilibrium by incompleteness where language has more a function of control and manipulation. Generalization is although more connected with equilibrium.

Themes related are the use of delayed gratification, independence as human culture, context as moderateness and emotional experience within group-regulation.

Also Albert Einstein has spoken about a microstructure from the motor system that is used into algebra.

Left hemisphere deals way more with difficult patterns while left deals with experience. Which is important for seeing reality and which would be governed by dopamine. The use of joint attention seems to be also relevant to understand.

Out of Social Cognition p 481

The mental energy (depth of processing) required to make sense out of inconsistent info (coherence building) is said to make it especially likely to be attended to and remembered.

From Gary Schirr

A system, whether it is biological, social or psychological, stabilizes itself. Often the best we can do, is finding appropriate ways to stabilize it.

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