Samstag, 29. November 2014

Operant Conditioning As Fun.

It is remarkable what people turn over in motivating results. Life is full of them. Conditioning has been in the past not so focused on associations between stimuli. Stimulus and response were seen as the same unit. Now there is the distinction between stimuli who bind each other to form under navigation of an evaluative system ("a bias") one conditioned response and when the response who is set under conditions of the to want result. You can say that classic conditioning is in fact a moment-focused passive way of getting what you need. It overcomes and it is not by intentional behavior. The bias is a matter of let say soft feelings. The conditioned response into classic conditioning forms the linguistic unit where all terminology seems to build on in this type. No wonder conditioning is foremost about having a clue where it is good and nice to be.

Operant conditioning at the other hand is way more important for the enduring life. People would be fools if they stay on position. They have needs, and as such, operant conditioning is undismissable for human life. Mostly it is about getting that really good feeling, even if it asks more effort. In fact, this could be a reason that people who are in control of their emotions are way more stable and happy than people who are thinking about structures and better ways of looking towards things. To have doubts that a certain good feeling is or is not, is often good in an ethical manner, but never convincing in creating a healthy atmosphere. Also the structural part is much better when you look at things as strivings with clear procedures. Discriminative stimuli are within the context and mostly these are persons and situations (wealth, ...) we know and feel safe with. In the end you seem to be in this aspect just a stimulus together with other ones. Resulting in a wrong achievable ontological notion. Things that we don't want arise often enough and they create a self-fulfilling prophecy into this. But in reality actions count, and actions remain good into this likable stimulus stimulus way. Because after all, modesty gives safety to the new, while action needs more than simply doing, also expecting becomes luggage to what we call anticipation.

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