Samstag, 29. November 2014

Perception As Intelligence.

Using your imagination of one moment to anticipate in other words. In playing that trick out into the empathic process of an other. It is not so difficult as such, but it is easy regarded as foolish or pretentious. Making jokes is sometimes harder than you think. So many factors come together when you make jokes. Body-language is very important into this, and reputation has to be build to support in a real social enterprise.

Funny thing is that being in the moment, is just the difficulty to overcome, while being the key at the same time. Archaic feelings arise often into this conduct, and endings are far less predictable than the possibilities that are out there. Unknown terrains are often felt as hard to move over, or to come to new surprising endings. Even hard to reach when there is no incredible surprising manifesto to overcome all expectations of bad endings. The flaw causes empathy, and empathy is moral reasoning.

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