Samstag, 15. November 2014


The thing about nihilism is that is typical to our ethical stance of our time. But has roots far before our postmodern culture. So would be the sacrifice of Christ be a sign that holds the meaning of redemption. From this Redemption Song of Bob Marley. In fact it is about secularization. The fact that God is dead, withholding that we can't say into this that God exists. The fact there is no moral force from above but only from within holds this idea. There is only one imperative into this new philosophy which is actually not more than a more correct interpretation of our culture by the existence of means. We become ourselves more deliberative and individualistic without being ulterior or anti-social. From this stance you can bring the notion from psychopathy into account. Which is actually the betrayal of this imperative. The idea that they are more intelligent is in fact thinking from out the modern stance, and is not so true from out postmodern position. It is what you call intelligent, but the postmodern stance has only really real force into being when it is organized social. As a matter of fact whole the anarchy and punk movement it not but a very normal and logical response on the current spirit of time. We see that modern way of looking uses the reason as a means while postmodern ways incorporate reality as such rather as an embodied perception. There lies way more importance into the act and weak thought is regarded as way more useful than heavy thought. The fact that many meanings interact with a meaning which is itself independent and disappearing as scope of attention is a way of processing which is way more typical to be have found a home and to be ready for big changes. The idea of a revolution and the possibility to do that I infer here from. As a matter of fact reality is less utopian, because into aesthetic means there is and was already a bigger accordance than we should suspect. The fact is that society has changed and that the things become more complex. They get unravelled by secularization. People get chances by human freedom, and are not regarded under a moral order. This is in fact a little difference which makes things in itself more fair. It is a way of reasoning with an external object. The case lies hidden, and technology becomes an important factor to share and communicate meanings. Those who are not with, become alternate. Which can be searched after by technological means. The medium is the message. The meaning undefined, and the manner your own. Depth of processing stays always intrinsically worthy and the space hypothesis gets stretched out into a bigger collective whole. By dialogue and insightful strategy we come to conclusion which have no real history, but is forcing its structure by means of the law. The fact that more criminality exists is often regarded as little as long empires don't take over.

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  1. I don't know if this "subject" could be useful. A hypothesis would be if people have bigger social networks and make use them by technology. Writing a letter, or making a call were way more effortdemanding in the past. Not everybody makes use of them.