Sonntag, 30. November 2014


It must be that our bias-system, our schema system and the type of our representations are so shaped that they are linked to the global level. How this works I don't know, but this should be a nice opening to goal-focused research. A bias is an evaluation so self-regulation is important in how we use this in more social matters. Some processes are independent others dependent on each other. Like intergroup-bias is a process which is regulated by the social structures we live by, and we are doing our thing in a way that is congruent with those social structures. There is some independence setting like put to example by Festinger. Our schema system at the other hand takes for granted we depend highly on perception of the environment but the way we deal with this is typical for this bias system, namely the quality of anticipation. This is also a social matter although in interaction of our own characteristics. Also here there is a strong accent on independence because there could be no anticipation without taking position into what happens and appears. Therefore it are personal constructs as defined by Kelly. What is of importance are the range, the commonality, and the sociality corollary. First gives insight in this concentration idea, second in the sharing with others, and last with the possibility to socially build together. How that representation could be tangible for incompleteness and collective building I don't know now. They are represented and not so aligned as science I suppose. But many illusions show the reverse. We use rather symbols collectively and representations are only within our mind.

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