Freitag, 21. November 2014

Unstable Environments.

If people get less distracted in unstable environments than in stable ones what does this mean for leading your life? I am wondering and reading at the same time about this. There could be said that our focus determines our spatial coding. This means that you see and do what you want to do. While disappearing if you let go and are not warped under a certain task that you want to fulfill. Even tough unstable environments create a certain zoom in your action field which gets lost when you do things intentionally and with effort. The zoom places attention where it cannot be, it is like a photograph. A vision is determined by itself in the environment in the slightest sense and the moment has the least boundaries from the past. It is strange how this is possible, you itself gets disappeared when you just stare. There's a point of no return of what is outside. An intense feeling can accompany with it. Reference becomes relative. Reference stays unique.

To pause the stability of the environment sets a disruption of focus and a chance of kind in attention. I don't know what it means if self-development is linked with focus. But if I think about the implementation into real life I surmise that what matters most in life can be let behind. The stability of self is a main element into personality disorders and I don't know exactly why. It seems that the complexity of self needs this simple mechanism, and if done otherwise the defense mechanisms should be strong enough for not having any change in stability. Because otherwise you would maybe maybe maybe have something as this disruption from deep within. The zoom that gets active and the sublime which can enter. Getting active. Self-regulative and sustainable. As a focus, and will. But this can't be the whole story. If you can use schemas.

It seems to be the reference can't be used in a deep matter. We select in a very harsh manner. We keep on doing what we are giving in ourselves from who, what and where we are. This brings rather a shifting in attention and structure (I think you can call it a structure) becomes ever functional by confirmation. By being secure of what you do and what you can. There is no gliding of to aspects or detail or ornaments. It becomes an identity in itself. I just wonder what the main stimulus is if it is not the response. The shifting action (as selection) and the location in place of response. Like a walk around or within a place. We have a disrupted focus. Otherwise it comes by strict attention and a taking over of fantasy within one environment. The day is not the life, and the goal just some word or thing. We confide ourselves.

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