Montag, 1. Dezember 2014

Anti-Tuning And More.

Just red an article about the affect-as-information hypothesis. Subjective is in fact objective when it comes to the data source of affect. Therefore we are constantly in a social process of feedback. When you link this way of getting aware with stereotypes there's in fact more freedom when you feel good. Only angry people (which is a hybrid emotion) tend to use their own stereotypes. Yes, also collective stereotypes exist (got this article not). Stereotyping is thus an automatic process I suppose from here. The way you put something awakens its power of persuasiveness is an example of the situational truth-value by emotion. Other examples of emotion as info are the existential counterculture and Freud's free association. Since emotions come from lower level affective reactions they are shaped by a progressive clarification of the affective object. This is a very deep theme. Finally, positive moods reduce cognitive capacity or processing motivation and sets to global in place of local attention.

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