Freitag, 26. Dezember 2014

Intention Brings Back.

Right now reading about this, anatomic correlates. Not the right thing to do, because it is very complicated. But it seems choice of action is even not surely bound to intention. Intention lies in circuitry that goes before all that, still I have a lot to read in this interesting book (intention in action).

What I was thinking is that we use experience ourself by the actions we make, and that there are good scientific reasons that interfering with intentional processes can have a rebound on global behavior. Most higher goals in my life come only to a certain reward when they are handled with much perseverance and consistence.

There are two types of references. Experimental ones and theoretical ones. While there is a certain order and pretension factor to write out of that order. Twenty references is actually a minimum and for a newby thirty references. Again the motor-function seems very organized from the beginning of sensorimotor processes. Of course this has much to do with action. But I am not sure what the link is with estimation in general. I have that sense-data in mind. Stress.

The link between emotion, planning and the motor-function is maybe the most important in this process, and probably consciousness plays its role, within continuation and self-regulation. In practice intention seems to get a totally own and different meaning. Free will is the connection with the brain. Like Shopenhauer has already said. Which is only a perception of what goes right, without real effort in your brain.

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