Samstag, 27. Dezember 2014

Intentional Binding.

Nothing matters to me. Since everything goes with the flow. One fault in thinking is that things stay by intention. Even it can be so that reaching high levels of performance is about getting better and better. It is also so that, I just read, taking an intention agency stance, creates one sort of quickness than when we just act according to a pretty neutral environment. Yes, intention makes us quicker. This has been called intentional binding.

Interesting is that we hereby can use of suppression of senses. Which is when we make use of ex-afferent data. This means the made environment (like by the belief of agency) is used again within our reactions, and well, being. Standard fact is that we suppress certain senses from the environment, which makes us to use attention. Normal wise what is automatic happens later than what is strictly intentional. We are able to modify this "automaticity" by suppression of sense. Into personality and performance this has to do with the experience of this all, which is, in itself suppressed. It is very important to be able to do this. This is the quality of experience which makes you be able to learn. When the sense is too intense, there will be something that will let stagnate. Because by suppression there is intention, and by intention there is normally agency, so that a quick enough response will be there. So suppression of the ex-afferent sense makes getting better possible by intention. This confronts me with the likable idea to be more modest. Often psychological smart ways are used as persuasion without being that smart, that way.

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