Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014

Notes Without End.

I've been mindful again to read where I was, and to look intentionally for more references. In April I want everything ready. Now I have the feeling that if you don't work with ready-made articles or books for a certain theme things become a bit a mess. A demotivating mess.

I've been reading and noting about mirror neurons. One of the findings was that animals can know what is happening when there is no clear image of what is happening. Brings me to think about the situations in slaughterhouses. Forthy million animals in the Netherlands alone. A year. Of course the classical knowledge of cows in their row outside.

But again to issue. All these studies about intention, goals and action are suggested to fit in a more general mind-reading or social comprehension ability. But therefore action observation is in some way needed. In animals they speak of second order intentionality. Which means the knowledge about deception is almost exclusive use in social context. Not in really solving, only in the communication of it. In humans we use higher order intentionality. There is marked that deception is a category apart. And the question if all this processing happens as easy in nonnatural context.

Action performance and action observation could form a precursor to mind-reading abilities. In animals it is the experience of doing something and sometimes even seeing something with a comrade for instance leads to real Theory Of Mind. Hereby is the sense of "purposeness" needed for understanding action. When states seem to have content on the other hand then the understanding of intentional actions could be possible. Since intention is needed to fulfil a goal by some form of consciousness. How we distinguish anticipation from prediction. The latter is more seen in automatic conduct.

I also found some evidence that shapes in 3D get analysed even if it is not needed for action. This is maybe useful for some work with sense-data. Rather unsure. But normally there is stated that the ability to represent is dependent on our ability to act.

There is also spoken about the difference between simulation and Theory Of Mind. Theory Of Mind is rather conscious and the first rather automatic. Former has more to do with not really understanding others without our own states. Theory Of Mind goes deeper and makes understanding the individual a possibility.

Oh yes. Mirror-neurons won't work when the context isn't appropriate. This is rather strange. But maybe this explains why people are sometimes less concerned.

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