Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014

Relative Agency.

Beside of the fact that intention makes yourself more calm and deliberative it is also connected with empathic means. So it is so that viewing a goal into the other has the same effect in circuitry that is activated. Foremost the parietal part is activated and thus the motor system. Already in infancy children think and act by own and others goals. This is also the best remembered. Also it is so that agency is a relative concept which is not therefore exactly defined. The point is that some experienced goals from self or other are perceived. The point for ulterior motives is clear. Also there is a play for setting the goals in congruence with what is observed outside. Constantly we try to verify this. When we cannot our motivational system, since motives are a form of reason, becomes (re)active. In this way we start to become nervous and slow. We can say this reaction is in fact a way to model intention. Of course choice is important since intention deals with abstract choice, although I think what kind of choice can be of importance. This level of gratification seems important for better performance. At the other side it would be boring to be able to predict everything. More correct it is more that the own action is correct. Also here there is worked with pragmatic use. The use of conceptual and mentalistic means is less important. What is import is the succession of action, you could say the plan. In social conduct we see this all the way, this pragmatic use. As if license supports our brain system. So the conception to do things not good enough to learn is rather incorrect. The brain forgets its skills and rather speed has to be exploited.

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