Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

Sense-Data Theory.

Is sense-data theory a representationalist theory? Rather not, states professor F. Macpherson of the University of Glasgow. The most import argument she uses is that into sense-data theory there is made use of propositions. More precise into a context of mind-independent objects. The senses themselves form the vehicle for these indirect realistic notions. She is not straightforward for the applications for such a theory in this essay, but how I understand it it has all to do with judgement estimations for collective intelligent tasks. Where into strict representationalism acquaintance is a factor, in sense-data theory it is not. Identities and reduction are not the case. This is because every reductionist relation is asymmetrical and hierarchical. Which is the same than having levels of processing, or being computational. There is no real active process as such into sense-data theory. Like I see it the sense-data themselves have properties who are part of bigger whole and what they are is rather not learned. As a theory of perception this seems to be a theory for explaining results which are surprising like the experiments on psy but for which we don't really have a more or less exact explanation. Although there is one, and this is that people or prone to take their own reality so in focus they use this as vehicle. The point is that it is just a strength to not use the expert role in judgements, because you get rid of sense-data. There more information than you think in them. It is not the idea you got, because this is already an own version of reality. I am not sure I did understand everything right, but for now this is what I see in it. Originally I picked up the idea from a lesson about Hegel where Frege's Sense Theory was presented. The good thing is that there is framework, the bad thing is that is not so convincing. Maybe it is only a simple thing that we do. We make examples rather than prototypes, and that's why their collective taking together can possible surprising in research. Of course this makes the inference toward properties and relations in some way more strong under certain conditions. Acting by doing is the best way to find out.

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