Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

Social Context.

As if we don't act like rational agents striving for utility. I suppose external objects are very important in social conduct. I am actually reading into the complex matter of Game-Theory. By de speed I read and take up I conclude that I don't really like this subject. Although I understand the linguistic rationale, it is difficult to understand what is really meant. For sure there are formulas needed to choose the best decision into games with others, and for sure we can't do this in our heads by an exact means. Therefore it is also way more easy and effective to use a stance from an in-group. I have the feeling that people know already by the way you talk how your social position is oriented. We never refer to ourselves, we always refer to events that are regarded as symbols of high value.

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  1. :) yes, maybe you may put him into a santa claus costume soon ;)