Montag, 1. Dezember 2014


How non-profit catches my fantasy, narcissistic feelings, and will to proof to be in the good group. Today I found that there's a program at Maastricht University which tutors the art of Sustainable Science And Policy. This is the first Master initiative which is so specific in its goal. Instant I forget about my problems and I can immediately structure my life how it would be. Even if my father would never agree with me to leading such a life. For him this sort of behavior is acting like a fool. It is professor Pim Martens who has founded this initiative which is also known under its simplification MUST.

Probably I have an image which is totally not congruent with my competencies. I have family living in the neighboring province and probably there are more interesting and more modest alternatives to build on a life. The program offers a continuation also after humanity studies. The schema of being a student plays a far too big role in my conception about life. I think practice has far more to do with policy and public performance. Often science brings me to conclusions which are rather depressive in my case. Only the act of studying gives me a feeling of competence which is in fact a naive realistic illusion. Even if defeatism and anarchism plays its role in my thought process.

Kelly figured it right out how we have to be normal, how we form our thoughts and convincing mental states into a lifespan. For sure it is likely that only higher status can be achieved by will of what really matters and gets much resistance. But this in a way altruistic tendency is not welcomed with positive feelings and appraisal. I don't feel mastered in any way. Starting out of books is just like emotion not a good starting point to distinct yourself. It has to be more practical verified than this. It makes me happy that people start to rationalize themselves in the open perception of what is good or wrong for the development of the earth. I feel driven, but anxious at the same time, to live for non-profit can make the government less strict in their way of reducing power, but instead there's force to hold dumb and passive.

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