Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

What You Want.

Thinking about will is impossible when you want to have a certain mechanic stance. The only answer is an incomplete one. Since intention is always an interrelated phenomena. The theme that things are done by purpose and by expression is as in ontological meaning of these concepts rather difficult to make, and is often made by preference made by mechanistic priors. We see reason better as cause for reality, and the deed and the effect of the deed as willed. It is less untrue than you might think when you look closer to this phenomenon. Of course there could be said that feelings of goals are rather biological determined while the goals themselves are more determined by reason itself. To know what you want is a concept which highlights this concept pretty straightforward. This concept is regarded as a value and virtue and it shapes the easiness of the use of priors. In this way it is bad to make use of the situation as an explanation. It is even impolite to be so social oriented in this way. Having no responsibility is what is meant, and the meaning of this shows good or bad character. Sometimes communications are although made everything demanding and being not responsible becomes a way of personal success. Sometimes space is needed to use within this play of give and take. When people are unkind there should be a reason, and often there is not really a framework to detour love and friendship. Certainly when dependence asks its toll into personal and social situations. I don't know what it costs for others to deal with bad reputation. Since reputation is by definition the primarily tool we use to reach our social optimum and equilibrium. Tit-for-tat stays the best strategy to go along with people but being too good gets often punished by reason of unattractivity and violation towards responsibility. Sometimes people are not made for each other even if they go along pretty good. Social contexts change, and so does the social optimum. To think too much about will sets only conceptual and mentalistic means which are like said not pragmatic enough to deal with. An old heart has given so many time to spend during a lifetime, and it does it without so regarded cost. Life goes on, and so does the heart, even if lifetime is more than limited. The life passes and we don't know if anything goes along. On your own there is no character.

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