Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014


Yesterday the Cubase Pro 8 workshop in Kampenhout happened. To my surprise I drove to destination, and drove back also, without faults or GPS. It is in fact a pretty new area to me, and it is a very calm and quiet zone. The location is a still active brewery where an affiliate of the Labo Café has won a licence for Cubase (not Innuendo). His name is Koen Mertens and I did talk shortly with him. Very friendly man and there was even some appropriate and well understood laughing. I drunk a Witlov 6 from this brewery (Van Campenhout). And it tasted just great. :-)

Michael Gomes was discussing about the logic of notes in accords and their succession. Into the new cubase there is a mathematical system incorporated to know to choose which note follows best in an accord. A problem I have already noticed myself in Garageband when I try to finish some unfinished part. This is although not the biggest problem. But I got a way to see to solve to tune fine sounds as well. Then I started to talk with that highly musical educated man and he said he has been using Cubase when windows did not existed yet. He would not like to say under DOS, so I fell a bit down with my curiosity. He did not gave answers as well on my current problem. I refused to ask further (what I had in mind) and another man had really a slightly hostile feeling towards me. He is soundmixer for film. A bold man in his forties who showed his expertise as well to Michael Gomes. I was pretty happy at the workshop but after two hours I was really in pain and I dissociated also pretty hard. Time to time I came back to the local situation but I did this also by purpose to not hold up people with my emotions and enthusiasm. Also my curiosity and never ending questions. Which is of course contra to the global purpose of a workshop like this: "selling new Cubases."

Terms to remember are "sends," "parallel compression," "quadrafuzz V2" (very rich in sound-effect), "VCA faders," "allan morgan pop-rock toolbox," "routing," "multiband" (for doing multiple channels at once). Not all worked while Michael Gomes was doing his presentation. Even if he said that he was been preparing this presentation for months. I have to say he looks like a character out of a comic-book. He looks very bright and his music was a bit disappointing but it sounded how a workshop-song should sound. It was a good experience even when a lot of people would find it hard to believe. Incredible how expert some people are.

For I forget, there's a possibility to build a recording studio on the internet by launching a program which can be connected with the new Cubase Pro 8. OK, the look of the boss of the Labo Café wasn't that inviting as that of Koen Mertens. I had the memories of Kurt Meeus, who gave me one time to home of school and was in fact of Kampenhout. I remember the song playing in his VW Golf TDI. As the deserts miss the rain. There was also gossip he had a relationship with one of his students. I don't know if it is true but he was certainly there at our first party. He gave at this time applied biology and chemistry. Now I want to go back, but remember the face of the boss, and also I remind the subconscious jokes, who put me more than enough on the ground with to get used mistrust in fate. I don't give up, I learn my way.

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