Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

Central Self.

Intentional acts happen all the time outside awareness because things are just working fine. When things start to work out badly we become conscious of them. Strangely we can only confide in ourselves when doing this. The automatic life of others is largely unknown and it takes very long to take this up. This is because going back to automaticity and starting to correct from here is a bottom-up process. In others we focus only on the goals (or intentions). Four brain-parts are important into this. The insula is responsible for making the difference aware of force (the intentional mechanism) and movement. The somatosensoric areas make the connection with associative parts for processing. The anterior cingulate cortex calculates how much intentional effort we have to make. The left inferior parietal lobe sets the function of linking external objects into attention and self. This means only being public about intentions not means, and only having solution by doing it yourself. This is the bottom-up pragmatism. When we don't use this active way of learning, we shall attribute to external objects without being that external object itself. Which is pretty ridicule to do.

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