Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

Goals And Relevance.

It is right that people look for the accomplishment of goals in others. It is what they foremost use. It activates the mirror-system more when the context is relevant and different from action to action that is observed (or done). Also consequences are taken into account. Our representational system uses expectations (or maybe rather expectancies) to fine-tune extracellular postsynaptic regulation. The brain is more tuned in to certain goals that are reached. Like in monkeys food reaches more firing of neurons. I also have to correct my enthusiasm of last time since there is no real proof that monkeys have Theory Of Mind. Re-reading more closely has effect! There is also no real constellation of an active collective intelligent system in monkeys. They are strongly influenced by instincts and hierarchy. Social facilitation is their ground way of behavior. But not so developed as in complex collective intelligence. They don't pick up the system. Maybe this is because consequences are not meant to be basic but rather to be optimizing. Also there is proof that existence is more more important than essence, and that action is a way to learn and develop. Automatisms are also constantly re-invented by intentionality. Therefore intention in action. Humans have the power to not stay at social facilitation. Their individual capacities makes them in a way more complex.

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  1. ... and it makes them in a way more complicated. These days, it seems there is also no real constellation of an active collective intelligent system in (some) human beings.