Freitag, 13. Februar 2015


The book of Richard Wiseman "Did You Spot The Gorilla?" is a very little book. Which takes up five points. I see the book as a guideline to avoid you are acting dumb. It states that you have to be aware of your environment all the time while being busy about a task. You have to know what you are doing. You have to know that intelligence is very important into this environment and that this is an active process. It enthusiasts wit, and makes clear it is not that hard to be creative. You have to dare this. Finally, and not at the beginning you have to wake up and see that not everything is achievable. It's a bit a motivating little book.

What I associate with the texts of the present past is that too much thinking makes you crazy. A sentence I heard a lot when I was younger. I guess this is what it really meant, introspection can take hostage of you when your goal is absent, empty or not realist enough. This is not a law, this is just something you take into account during the years. I remember an ex-student who said psychology-class is a waste of time. Some time later we found out there was broken in, in the car. I refused to drive. I did not feel at ease in the pub. But there was so much more than now. I was foremost busy with my own fear, my own escape and watching how I could manage that. It wasn't real.

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  1. A small book that explains to me how to avoid acting dumb, wow, I have to read it! ;-D And then thinking will be redundant. At least too much thinking. Because for the most part contemporary societal standards use to say that acting is enough and human beings should be valued only according to what they DO rather than what they think, feel, know, or "are like" ...