Freitag, 13. Februar 2015


Just red an essay about this theme. Many theories have been passed but there are only two aspects which keep me introspecting. The first is that people are weaponed to have better introspection for themselves. Second I wonder about how people evolve in becoming better introspectors.

First theme is of course hard to handle when you know about biases that people have. People tend to attribute rather good things about themselves (self-serving bias) and attribute bad things to others if you look at it right (correspondence bias). Still can it be stressed that people need to know what they want and need, and how their beliefs and desires are into this context. The previous post went about the special untouchable quality of sense-data, and their worth for judgment, and also here there is some preference described for truth at own information about yourself. The text of today claimed pretty direct that own data has to go along the environment (parity thesis, theory theory and transparency theory). But within a quality that is of true value. I don't get what this is. The only fact that I can bring into being is that we have more experience about ourselves, and also more context, even if the sort of context is not always the best one.

Second point, is explained with "Theory of Mind." Which again holds some ambiguity. We become better introspectors by understanding others better. There is no real attention for special and unique ways of mental states and processes. There are trainings for introspection. Courses of more than sixteen-hundred pages with often hard to achieve aims. Introspection seems to be reflection. Mostly seen as living your life to the most intense grade. As if thinking is not allowed, when your environment does not represent for what you stand for. I could only take at front that introspection in solemn is depression.

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