Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Anger Versus Sadness.

I think anger is there to rebuild something, or to lose something not. Because revenge is really a blocking emotion. Sadness mostly has the function of giving something up. After the blocking emotion depression. Of course, emotions are there to let go, even if you can't let them go so easily. Refusing to give up existential values is often a craze itself. I know. The worth that sprouts of it, is life. Emotions, would be rather there in extended form. I think it is more a way to cope with reactivity in social conduct. The concept of foolishness seems to be more existential. Maybe. Even this is really a strong image, it's more the category of possibility. People fear what is not possible. This leads them to self-regulative extendedness. Maybe this is a cosmopolitan view. It is a high value social system which is based on strong social constructionist principles. Emotion becomes short-lived, and healing is easy. Also blocking is less outspoken. How many "upper-class" people prefer this way, is just question as image, to me. Maybe the idea is not so much about intimate relationships. I only have red one chapter. Self-regulative extendedness is a need of the few. It fits into this memetic stance that stresses wants over needs. Independent life. God? As long you keep it real there is nothing wrong. But what with emotion? Sadness seems straightforward a way to get it real.

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