Mittwoch, 4. März 2015

Broken Soul.

Reading a book of John Gray right now. Before I forget, children think often that their beliefs are known by others when they are not. This is typical. Belief is strongly supported by desire, and this desire can lead to misunderstandings. I found out that an old friend from university is working on a PhD and has blocked me on Facebook. So this did hurt me and did me glide to a depressive mood. Also John Gray writes that negative energy is there for making us feel more real. That it is even important. But he is not so detailed on this. Anyway, anger you have for something that has happened, sadness you feel for something that not has happened. Foremost sadness then. Yes, it has not happened that I was giving her that high intelligence label. So, it is not less than social to let me feel her anger, towards this subject. But anyway so many interesting facts in this book, like the fact that we are luck that we need the heart for our soul by this reason for instance.

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