Montag, 2. März 2015

Getting Closer.

Some rudimentary structuring has been done for the research on cognitive maps. Hereby I take the conditions egocentric and allocentric into account. First means distance to be estimated from the own position, second between two positions elsewhere. There has been noted in a paper that allocentric estimations should be more objective, but I didn't red the complete paper yet. The design is so setup that a different amount of landmarks is the case. One should think there is a difference between the amount of landmarks. I suppose that when the distance and the amount of landmarks increases there is more possibility for collective more intelligent estimations. Because in this case groups can more be clustered as going out of the normal search map (decentrality). But even in the normal little distances this could count, it is more pure, when it would so although. Beside of all this there are three zones around a little city called Vilvoorde, which should in their egocentric and foremost allocentric estimations taken together have more precise estimations. So the allocentric effect of estimating less precise should be neutralized by the collective egocentricity into the different allocentric estimations around the city of Vilvoorde. This would be a clear proof that into allocentric estimations we use a factor of uncertainty which is constrained by egocentricity. The fact that we still orient ourselves out of our own position. If this would not be the case there would not be any collective intelligence into this task. I feel anyhow a bit euphoric that this will match. There has been a lot of research about this, but you really feel the confusion when you have to start to think out of your area. I would do this by phone. About 300 people maybe, in three zones. With paying a ticket for the movies. This will cost no more than 4 euros. But this is still a lot of money all taken together. I hope I can enroll and this will be supported. I don't know for sure where I note best the real distances. My references are ready to search and read. But I am not that sure, it will all work out. Statistics has be rehearsed, and I need the talks to be more sure. This is of course only one experiment. It is in the middle of complexity.

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