Montag, 16. März 2015

Individual And Social Love.

I've been thinking about this. I have to be honest. When being so loving to yourself. To be wanting so much for yourself. When you should wish it for someone else there is always a condition. Being there alone is not enough. Although you and I can want more for someone else also, at least as a feeling. Often, conditionality is there to pave its step. It is a pity when friendship doesn't get above this level, and I certainly am aware of this principle. It is so simple, but not so evident to know and understand. You can say, even to use it in life and practice.

I am reading right now about memes. How content-free they are. They are foremost social, and maybe they are the bases of altruism. So there is something to be happy for, to be not sad about this fact. At least when social life, is self-fulfilling. Even when it is not, there is still more to have a little sugar. An other thought is about being cool. Maybe I am way too cool but just hard to work out. The joker is me, the joker is me me. Instructions survive, more than existences, unless it are existential instructions. Those are evil, often evil. Because fear sticks, even when agreeableness holds. Often it is a way to make groups (variableness), to select and be inherent. I am not sure people become more egoistic. I was thinking this, and know I am thinking about how stupid I was, thinking stuff without full work. At least this would be seeing us as only genes. Not memes. Therefore it is a dangerous idea to think about evolution out of existential fear. People need to share and imitate. No, we are no little I's. We are doing stuff together, try and search out. Try and search out. Maybe this is no real science, but at least it is an important part to start from.

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