Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Language Blocks.

What is remarkable is that words need time, and still give so much difference at once. They create a world apart in literature, but they create also a world apart in the world as we know it. Words are prime suppliers of memes. Mix up things quiet forceful without actions therefore involved. Even not substance. They combine the skills of the words not only into skill to say, but also to do. So, culture is foremost guiding words towards although often new, better ways of approach. But words slow down even if they are working into the meme-space. They take stuff not so easy for true, because wants are necessarily linked with love and likings. The trajectory how something evolves is inherently active into words used. Humans talk several hours a day. This is not really what I do. Maybe, now, more. But that person has been asking questions about my loneliness. It is absolutely not okay to be so quiet. Not that I want to, I adore social talk and humor, but mostly there is also irritation nowadays. But words would be important for so many things. They block evolution, but they instantiate development. It is like the wise person who doubts. Doubt is indecision and must be emotionally healed by concern. I have far more the feeling that I have concerns, and far more in a healthy way. The internet can be healing, but can also be heavy distorting. It lays up indifference which cannot be healed by sorrow. Not on the surface. Certainly not in depth. Even with so many points of reference. It has nothing to do with the internet. You keep building a metaphor. At least when you have more in mind than this. But it is language, and it blocks progress. At least, to reach something. But it can make things better as well, certainly. Maybe it is more need than want nowadays. But misguided.

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