Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Not Everything Is True.

Way of life. People go to work. Find ever new ways to express themselves by the choices they have made into life. Not compulsory but still save when needed. There is work to do, there is work to not do. As Kant found this as a solution for the mind in struggle. The mind searching for relief. Anyway.


Is foremost a measure. How much of this, how much of that. It is balance. Not everything you can balance. Love you can't balance always. Minds go, and come. Some things, if not most, are unpredictable. The more uncertainty the more unpredictability, the more unbalance. Variation is needed, but balance not warranted. How do we keep the balance? Quantity! In this dark world, darkness is philosophy. The modest and evil in other words. Justice. I don't agree that having is always getting more. Certain categories are not so strived after.


The power to say no. The power to equate. A step further, and one which brings more complexity. Choice, and freedom. Being different, apart. The way to return to quantity, to new chances. To rebel, the bomb. An inner-perception which gives high satisfaction, but never enough. The way toward quantity can't be broken.


What has been there before, and that what will be there (soon). Time is a slight measure, and acceptance the will of God. Very frightened are people to do impossible things. Even only thinking about them makes people scared. But also excitement can be here in place. When there's difference by quantity and negation. Intelligence.


Realest in the sense, only the idea. The instruction if you want. The constraint if you need. Existence is humanlike but not only for this, also for change. Existence is futuristic, you can say that. But in social jargon people would look weird (look weird) if they heard you say this. Existence is a quantity, and still a negation. A possibility.


The source, and the as source judged one. Causality is Gods way. Everything is possible. This is the idea after causality. The zoom to utopia, the narrowed vision for real success. The way out sometimes if you ask me. But causality is the way out in a sublime way. Induction to its part, no deduction could reach this reflection. The way to deduction.


Time is nothing but time. What we perceive as time, is totally different with what we have to conceive about it. But time leaves us behind, because its quantity, negation, possibility, existence is so fatal for us. Its causality is us, therefore we are time.


There could be no more space, but there is plenty. Space is nothing without possibility to use space. Space is the ultimate test, and way to combat time. Without space, there will be no more time. Simple as that. You could assume.

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