Donnerstag, 26. März 2015

Suggested Experiments From Meme Machine.

Experiment 1.

Experiments proposed to manipulate liking so as to produce the most effective imitation.

Condition 1: simple imitation
Condition 2: persuasion
Condition 3: agreement

Checking if there is a similar process.

Optional condition: with or without altruism.

This to test meme-driven altruism.

But complication by the effects of the reciprocating rule!

Experiment 2.

Power of media:

are they becoming a currency by tuning into them.

Like podcasts, commercial television, ...

Experiment 3.

Experiments on people with opposing views. How they change their minds.

Prediction 1: listening makes able to change our mind, even if by will or choice.
Prediction 2: people will conform themselves more outspoken when otherwise not heard.

Susan Blackmore writes this is a extremely artificial situation, but it might work for real.

1 Kommentar:

  1. These are best done with surveys I think.
    But this will be very subjective.
    This could be helped out by letting people be attentive for some time.
    Like in time-dynamic research.