Freitag, 13. März 2015

Terms And Thoughts.

The instruction is self-normalizing the code error-correcting. This is the usefulness of an imperfect approximation. This seems to be the property I have to look for. Is it so that estimations of distances are self-normalizing. The only fact I can pick up is the fact that some areas are better known by the familiarity. But is familiarity a self-normalizing feature? It should be when practice is the normalizing characteristic. Reality should by their frames be error-correcting. Of course the concept of an imperfect approximation fits well into this.

The fact that I doubt is that centrality of a surrounded city is indirectly better judged for. Is the norm one of relative distance is in fact the question I have to ask. Relative distance is not a concept I have encountered yet. We use landmarks as a feature of a task. But only when they have relevance. Not when they are simply associative factual related. Of course this would fit into the theory self-normalization by frames. So this would be the case when cognition is embodied. It sounds plausible.

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