Freitag, 17. April 2015


Just to think about the impossible way to integrate a global brain in the everyday life and the frustration to do this I want to note some stuff here. People's mind is extended and we strive for subjectivity under form of strict story lines. In using metaphor and basing ourselves on prototypes the identification and following of celebrities seems to be the most usual and safe way to get extended. It is not a real extension in the way the abstraction and underground aspect is not really taken into account. But still, celebrities become hubs of information and they all promote a certain lifestyle.

There is something crazy about this. I wonder about the different kinds of influence of different type of artists. But this would lead to nothing. In some way it is an exception since elaboration is always pretty good developed. You never would think about love in such a way, than without music or literature. Even science. The view of a role model can make it all give sense. Although there is need for different more casual role models. Of course.

No idea how to research this kind of process and link it to the extended mind hypothesis. It is a way of being extended, and it is a healthy way to be extended since it is not really future oriented or prophetic. It are more the current goals in the present which play a role. When prototypes become models, they give us a strength. This is a very curious dynamic. It structures and so emotional. It also gives strategy and empowers us to laugh. It doesn't seems a subculture, since it is not so easy to join. But in the end, everyone can! The is a thrive for freedom.

What minds people could be important to certain happiness factors. The importance of extension could be so shown as a new fact. It is in one kind confusing the mind for inspiration and inner-rest. Mostly adolescents are affected, and later in life they become influenced by. I guess facts as assertiveness, understanding, altruism, relativity, and excitement are all placed on foreground. Also the motivation to strive for beauty. A lot of people are not interested in celebrities, or take it from a distance. I don't have time for longitudinal research but this would be some point.

The reason that people need extension is openness and less discrimination. To create perspective. To give hope for a better world. It would all go around this. The words I write here are based on different literature and findings. But a good feeling is the most important factor to create a better world. All those artists give this feeling to many people who would otherwise feel a hunger for more. Is this craziness a necessary evil? For a better world? Always?

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