Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

Basic Model On Mating.

For my self-regulation experiment. Some distinctions that might be useful.

Preference landscape: what is found attractive in someone else (the core of the mate-evaluating system).

Evolutionary level: the indirect importance of the influence of the preference landscape.

Trait-vector: the trait-space in the close environment.

Preference-vector: which traits are found more attractive.

Preference as a whole: the degree of affection to mutation.

Perception-noise: the chance that a trait appears within the vector.

Evaluation noise: perturbs computed mate values.

Evaluation noise level: the standard deviation of the previous.


When perception-noise is high then the traits can't be reduced to real traits. This gives influence to the evolutionary level.

Evaluation noise can't be too high. When complexity is higher there are less steps, and selection is more probable with adaptive steps.

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