Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

Being In By Being Out.

At the end of the movie "Shadow Of A Doubt," there is a projection of the world. In a sense, it states that crazy people bring the world to a dark world. But foremost it is a beautiful world. The feeling of love is very present. I brought me to the idea of egocentricity. That egocentricity is responsible for a fearful and pessimistic worldview. Only regarding the world from a position of the other gives it a valuable stance. So even if you are not in the in-group, you should certainly then not regard the world out of yourself. There's a magic when it comes to empathy. By still remaining in the view of the other, you are always still a part. Thus regardless of all the scientific facts about discrimination, they are often enough poisoning the mind in some slight way. As if they are responsible for creating new groups to start of. In complex matters, and in evolutionary matters, cooperation seems to be more important than competition. So it isn't smart to see things too dark. If you are confronted with yourself and your position in view, try to hook up. That is my insight. Be passively "there."

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