Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

Complex Change.

There's distinction between three functions of a system. Acquisition, usage, and transformation. In psychology this is equated with:

knowledge (1), perception and learning (2), and intelligence (3).


Knowledge is used to "adapt" your behavior. Its structure defines truth, its organization defines smart inderdependent use. Bad organization is more severe than bad structure. Often egoistic motives are demanded for altruistic motives to be liked.


The way new information is learned is often collectively shaped by culture. This is in a way indispensable for organization. Good knowledge is real, and adaptively organized. When we need to re-organize beyond our potential we will decentralize. This is new.


Often culture can give chances in marges. Often these marges give last chances. Often the attitudes derived herefrom are more risk-loaden towards organization. Intelligence is always making an exception. To change something in a better way. This is often difficult and less positive.

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