Montag, 25. Mai 2015

Fuzzy Logic.

Default reasoning makes it impossible for the mind to structure by means of certain strict logical rules. Default reasoning is no more than the clustering of symbols by certain shared features whereby prototypes are formed for the function of exception. Yes, because prototypes just deal in a fuzzy logic. Which is based on estimation rather than correspondence.

It seems that the use of the analogy heuristic is very important based upon this similarity characteristic. Of course the goal and the structure is also taken into account when we talk about analogy. In other words, the adaptation and perception of the environment. Kant spoke about the receptivity of the mind, when postulating his categories. Giving here the point that a realistic mind starts from his own logic, and not only from the environment as robots do.

When taking into account his categories. Time, space, causality, existence, possibility, negation, and quantity. We notice that there is some resistance to accept the reality outside us as it is. It functions as a sort of checklist. There is here also no real logical deduction. It is rather some sort of generate-and-test (like trial-and-error). This gives me the insight that reality-testing is on some level incomplete. Mind becomes blank at the exception level.

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  1. All about intelligibility because perception as well as cognition are important. You have to organize experience in a way that is easy to understand.