Montag, 4. Mai 2015

Groupthink And Freeriding.

Of course, this happens all the time. We choose a job to love this job. Of course, to get the kudos of it. This is what a job makes satisfying. In itself it is often a structure as well, a schema of structuring social knowledge. Schemas are only there for one reason, to change minds. Otherwise an agenda would be enough. In pretty much branches this collective knowledge or wisdom works quite well. I don't want to use words that retrieve evil associations, but it reminds me of sects as well. From the point there is persuasion this reality needs to be activated and social supported. Otherwise it would be something illegitimate and even illegal.

Susan Blackmore states that to overcome the more egoistic making influence of memes we need two things. The first is a neutral bureaucracy, second, the good will and independence of individuals who want to do good (more precise within effort). This is often not possible, there could be said. I understand this in some way, rebellion needs feelings of being good and nice, and good leaders are often pretty egoistic. Anyhow, I don't write this to change the force of memes. I just realize this, and at least it is remarkable that working with schemas and agendas often makes it impossible the be objective. Maybe that is a good thing. Because the delusion of truth, like the delusion of possibilities, lies at the core of stagnation. Groupthink and freeriding is certainly an aim!

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