Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

Temperament For Winners.

Temperament is a very interesting area in clinical psychology. Because unique aspects about persons come abroad, certainly in the area of how that they feel and relate their feelings. Broadly seen they make the distinction between easy and difficult temperament. I knew a girl who was difficult claimed by herself. But, she was foremost high in demand. For real life. I remembered some aspects about temperament out of a book I was reading back again and I try to make some differences into a structure. Actually they say that temperament is about feelings, well actually it seems more about behavior. So, you can deviate some knowledge into this. I make difference between normal behavior which is pretty spontaneous when you have an easy temperament, otherwise you would be shy. This is the basis of normal behavior and as such some sort of core. When you test people or try to know someone better. There are challenges, into temperament passivity is very good. It seems that giving credit to people is positive. But easy temperament can also mean that you are a loser. Therefore aggression is important to be not a loser. In many circumstances and certainly in a period (age) and lifestyle that goes along with selection. But this can be taken too much when you seem to be untouchable, then you are a criminal. It is also important to be sensitive and to have some touch with reality. Mostly you got tricked by manipulation if you are unwanted, and you playing the good guy. Further there is a matter of class. Anxiety is the feeling of the higher class. Doing all with lust, and making no difference while doing this is careless. This can be good, but it is more intelligent for a girl at least to have anxiety. In society and being together this is set by suspicion, making it impossible by judging someone paranoid is taking someone the right of the be suspicious in a legal way. At least there is some lust into this mechanism which gets spoiled. Finally there is a choice between being flat or being passionated. This up to prove yourself. The best is to be flat unless you are really awesome.

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