Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

Visual Smart.

About the proposal about mate selection. Basically it is about frustration, well yeah also here, the healing emotion of judgment (which is complex). When people encounter a certain problem, it is well yeah, a problem. In the systemic view of cognition there are different parts which may play an importance. First of all intelligence is inference and inference is categorization (inference as well in social cognition). Which makes visual smart a way to get. But there is more. First of all there are models who test representation as a function of inspiration and going into representation is a process matter. Decision making is selection and knowledge the function of being appropriate. So these components must be connected with the problem of frustration as well. Is it so that more factors that influence the complex relation of a frustrating situation with positive evaluation will make the process more non-linear? I guess what matters is the person's Self (his soul also), which is different from general ideals. Being egocentric in a not directly egoistic way can be good, it seems (after some processing). But what do people really want? If you ask them they will always speak out of their complex Self and relationships. I think visual smart, is realistic smart as well. Unlike this proposal.

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  1. Basically (I think) it is so that in ideal circumstances less general deviations exist between the two parties. From moment on, circumstances are not ideal it is possible more difference in power exists. Which means that it could be that more factors explain the dependence into the regression analysis. More difference means more input into the relationship. I don't have a clue how to define this. If the reduction of sameness can't be made that easy, little factors of love can play their role. But isn't this always? There is a difference between a idealized relationship and a healthy relationship. But how we define these positive evaluations. As madness? I don't understand. Maybe the whole idea of using a concept of the physical symbol hypothesis is wrong as well. Can we implement this symbolic representation into psychological science and facts? Important that the asked facts are the same for every subject. The conclusion must then be that when that likings are frustrated but not negative evaluated. This sounds really absurd in the first place. What is measured is the evaluation. Some factors could contribute like the situations, like effort, like honesty and correctness. Good knowledge. But this is always the same I guess. You can start out of a relationship and you can start out of your own life. When you start out of a relationship you ask for sacrifices, the other way not. When you start out of a relationship you give more importance to caring I guess, taking care for the other. So what is of importance are responsibilities. In the environment also. So being happy has a relation dependent of the other being happy. Happiness can be in this way form an own life. When also difference can be accepted and generated out of the relationship.