Donnerstag, 10. September 2015

Machean Vision.

It keeps me struggling that our perception is not machean. This equation is made from a picture in the late nineteenth century, which depicts a snapshot of a room. There are so many perspectives into the picture that this could not be the way perception works. There is just too many to look at. But if this is indeed too confusing for our perception. What is it then like, and more important why? Susan Blackmore states that our perception is vague and gets led by attention and pop-up mechanisms. Also the research at change blindness suggests that we let us lead by general scripts of what we are doing. The pop-up from the environment does not work well. At the same time Alva Noë suggests that our perception is guided by the environment. There is thus a major coherence problem between the statement that perception is bottom-up and the fact that essence is guided by top-down mechanisms as scripts. The action component disturbs everything. It is in this action (behavior or habit) that our perception becomes connected with the world. It could be that action works prereflexive and subpersonal. In this form perception forms a basis for our presence in the world which is not so well defined or even multidimensional. It is guided by the effects on which we anticipate and this is not in a vantage point manner. Maybe the independent character of our personal level qualities determine the psychological facts as the use of scripts or the use of our own desires for expression. At the other hand there to understand there is the taking of perceptual action knowledge needed. This prereflexive knowledge. Because this is the presence of what happens or moves. Verstehen, at the other hand is maybe something more resistant. To know already a position, and act this out, to develop above what you understand. Not so what happens, as a consequence, but rather what could happen more. Wikipedia uses the synonym participatory or interpretive understanding for Verstehen. Maybe this format is rather interactive than strictly confined to movement and action ("Begreifen"). Some people can paint with words, of course...

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