Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2015

Perspectival Consciousness.

The thing about perspective that is that it has not to do with empathy per se. This means that foremost the action, and the state of affairs is hereby the most important thing. Still perspective is of major importance to learn and develop at the fullest. It is by perspective that we encounter new situations in an intelligent manner. Maybe it is a sort of selection and zoom who puts things in new combinations while integrating information. The senses are hereby very important since this extendedness forms a basis for the contact with the world.

Thoughts without content are empty, ...

This mediation is of course also with the thoughts there and the meaning they have in play. In some way choice is determinant and in life often enough casual. It is not all adaptation and affordance, it is also realism and know-how. There is some kind of centrality needed to be righteous. This is matter of "it" rather than "part." This principle is of course often used in humor and discrimination, even in nurture. The latter part gets stressed, but after all, this will bring you not much further. Certainly when punishment for essential being values is at stake.

Intuitions without concepts are blind, ...

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