Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2016


Just red to take critique general, not personal. This is appropriate. What hasn't function does not deserve respect? Often felt this way and I do take this personal. The reasons are in part obvious. Now I have to write an essay about the Rorschach. I am not seeing any connection with the psychological apparatus. It is not so the content of the interpretation, but the category where it falls in that is. This is very object-centered regarded so. Typical for the time where it is developed. I mean that people use their imagination subjectively and this is completely normal. Culture can be of influence, since culture is dependent on understanding. The influence is not of importance here. Categories and concepts. Relations! Guide both. Categories by membership. Concepts by vague logic (analogy or metaphor). But of course it are inkblot presentations so perception and projection interact with those processes, or this is the objective. I have a book called Visual Thinking but still need to read it. That will not be accepted anyway. I want to know what happens at first sight or in the combination of these 10 inkblots. I don't understand the use: writing an essay.

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