Samstag, 24. Dezember 2016

Hating Life.

According to Freud rules have a hostile basis. Often. It is correct that when you show love in a miserable way you are better to show hate in a disguised neutral form. When you show dependence and guidance within it it is like you are aiming to be an equal (a friend till the end). Also it is so, for Freud, that impulse is connected with experience. Also perception is an impulse according to post-modernists, which gives clarity to the dangers of psychoanalysis for people in danger (people without network). In some way experience needs to be anchored to the mind, or better stated the ego. Own self-regulation and normal progress into the life as interaction of you and "other" is essential. This form of unconsciousness is most healthy but also easy boring or depriving for the ego as such. It is the ego which must create the unconscious after all. So people can go nuts in a situational way. Because their planning means seduced conduct, by image, by confusion. So many things that are cultural and this is situational context almost every time. It is an excuse. Excuses ain't bad I seem to say. Well, sometimes this is the area to intervene. While you cannot intervene this after all. You need excuses to exist and to be creative. Even if you are only a listener on the stage. We react in a formational way/form. We are giving love to be prone to seduction. We are listening to hate in the present to be constructive. We are listening to love, when love is real-made pleasure. We build on what is good and listen to everything to see reality. There's no need for a soul out of love. There's only need for a soul out of hate, when growing out of the other's helplessness and sadness.  Things are just what they are and content is only a structure to what things are. Are things so direct? Do we need to see weakness as no good because others can help? I think not, but there's to see how things evolve. Yes, seeing things now seems ever easy, it is about accepting, but wanting to see things later, is in fact not always so easy because you need something valuable. Love cannot be constructive because this ain't not the way of life. It must become the way of life to be happy. Of course it can seemingly become the way of life out of expressive needs (impulses inside and outside). So it grows as an experience into role and trust. What is of value is deeper seen what gets solved. I forget to say, that our experience is often love, when succeeded. You would be crazy to love something substitutive. As if you don't know how things progress. Your prediction is made out of residue, this happens never when in progress. This is pure regression and makes you unable to see reality of the present. Things that don't mean anything for the life, mean nothing for the life's progression, when they have influence for life and actually do not, they are bad influence because you make a progression of life which ain't real, a regression. A simplicity of leading a life? Loving so many things. Devotion is very essential and very real, but it needs some history. Not so much more.

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