Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016

I Am Not To Criticize Freud.

Very bright he must have been. Quite many things make sense and it is just far ahead in the scientific repertoire. It is a mythical figure of course. What makes sense for me right now is the principle of lust. That aggression and distraction are part of the normal repertoire of the healthy human unless it becomes dominant. In this case it is really perverse. Classes exist, that is so, see how people meet up and communicate and how they gain pleasure into this. When slow and fast meet up, there's just an impossibility of equal further contact when you want to keep it pleasurable. Sadomasochism quickly emerges into such a context. God thank there is respect for that. But some way, there's a choice to keep things nice and neat. The division bell of Pink Floyd makes me think of the possibility to let the high hopes give a chance. But with a view of something rather conceptual and abstract into the realism. Being ashamed of status is something which is crazy and narcissistic like into projection and identification in the other. It is also very partial, and puts for me too much exclamation on role as such. Personality is more than role. Horoscope is who you are (personality, body), ascendant is what your soul is (character, feeling). I don't know what to believe here but I see an analogy. The source of my intention is found, it's structure makes the distinction between the individual and the situation, while the connection between situation and collective is resisted. The purpose of this all is again like in previous writings here (I fall on them) a self-centered transference. Wanting to be secure for what I bring or do. Lust is all about doing and narcissism is trying to do better. Sometimes you do better of course and there should be enough respect and love for this because there is nothing wrong to it. This is a step forward towards the fact that situation is basis, in a deep individual matter. Regarding people as pretentious because they have or strive for success and aggressing them is a rule of the street. Which quickly becomes an aim for power. Every mission must be love and love cannot be build with power, but this is not realistic to live by. Objectives are met, goals ain't us and them.

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