Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2016

Laughing In Psychoanalysis.

It sounds obvious that laughing is an escape of tension. So it often works at least. I wonder if reaction formation is rather typical in this way. Reaction formation is a form of dealing with anxiety (as final defense) which is the form per se that shows irony and 2-sidedness. So laughing may be due to certain unconscious impulses inside yourself. At least when there is some rebellion in one or the other unpleasant situation. Jews are connoisseurs into humor they say, maybe that's why laughing is typical and relativity is king in their conception. Freud claimed that the essence of being jew is beheld within his theory and he 'ever' claimed being against jews is the best resistance after all (this while joking). I thought this over after thinking about doctors that I like. Recognizable, it is.

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