Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2016

Marr's Theory Of Vision.

Interesting theory with value for artificial intelligence studies. Of course this is a cognitive theory and has repercussions for the brain. Shortly explained this theory states visual perception happens in steps. First detail is processed, second structural detail, then contour and finally the relations in 3-dimensional space. In some way there is suggested that recognition is a process which gets input from this final step. In this way we are able to orient ourselves, estimate distance, and fill in when concrete visual information is imperfect. So we develop an observer-independent representation. It is in fact a computational top-down model. Most part of the process exists by calculation by the brain.

When I puzzle about the consequences of recognition and identification as a result we deal with a process which is of course also responsible for bias. A lot of importance in our psychology is present into the instantaneous reality of experience. So recognition may play the fool with this input, when more personal processes come into being. Of course this means also that stable accepting life is better than doing this actually. But in some way we make an exception on the rule and put trust into it. Recognition is perception, so far I was, and also the idea that thoughts without content are empty and intuitions without concepts are blind seems to fit this rumination. In other words, your perception is core business after all, while your cognition is the rescue squad. It is your perception which is king and with more depth you have to wait in space. Kant was right and philosophy would been wrong to follow his principles as guidance for philosophy. Since philosophy is the skill of the mind, not the eyes per se. Kant was a philosopher so therefrom his funny contradiction. You need to see... .

High complexity means reality/truth is hard to recognize. Still, consequences of decisions are real.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions <= unintended consequences. Doesn’t mean bad intentions / indifference gets you elsewhere
-- Yaneer Bar-Yam

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